I’m out of JHB, how can I buy your fans?
You simply call, place an order, we invoice and once we have received proof of payment your order will be pulled from stock. You then have your courier company pick it up from our offices.

How do I buy your fans?
Drop us an email or phone call and you can either collect in person or we can arrange delivery within JHB.

Where are you located ?
17 Kent Ave, Dunkeld West, 2196.

Are your fans strong and suitable for rental?
Yes our fans are a steel construction and powder coated for long life. They are of a high quality.

When would I need the 1.1kw vs the 0.75?
Any inflatables smaller than 4m x 4m would require a 0.75KW motor. If you have large inflatables or older jumping castles that leak a lot of air, we would recommend the 1.1KW motor. Using a bigger motor will not damage your inflatable.

What maintenance do the fans require?
No real maintenance other than making the outside of the fan is wiped down with a cloth when dirty. The best thing you can do for the life of your fan is to ensure you use a robust 2.5mm2 extension cable to ensure there is not a voltage drop to the blower. Also ensure that the extension reel is fully unwound.

My blower is not working what now?
Bring it in, we will repair your unit. If it is a manufacture failure and the unit is under warranty we cover the costs of repair.

Where are the blowers made?
The units are proudly made in South Africa.

What warranty do the units carry?
The units carry a one year warranty from date of purchase, which covers manufacturing defects.